Friday, 6 July 2012

Does EXO-M Kris Have a tattoo or not ??

EXO-M LEADER Have A Tattoo ??

EXO-M Leader Wu Fan also known as Kris
Have a rumor saying he has a tattoo. 
Well I personally think it's true and even if he have a tattoo he will look more hot with it.

The evidence of him having a tattoo.

--> He never wears a sleeveless shirt 
 (photo at the airport)

 (L0L Taoris moments) 

--> There was a picture showing his tattoo but was cover 

Well There was this photo that EXO-M took and guess what ? Kris is SLEEVELESS !!

And..... There's no tattoo !!

So in conclusion, 

--> Kris have a tattoo but cover it with either foundation or other cosmetic staff like TVXQ  U-Know Yunho.  

--> Kris have a tattoo but a cosmetic tattoo like permanent make-up 

--> Kris have a tattoo only for one day = cosmetic tattoo but not permanent.

--> Kris doesn't even have a tattoo at all (Maybe)

But there is a problem.

it's either Kris tattoo a fake or real it's is still unknown.
We just have to wait until SME decided to tell us if not we'll have to find out ourselves. 


  1. I guess he had a tattoo but because of SM he had to put it out T.T

  2. I think he has a tattoo and they're just covering it up with makeup.

    I really just wish SME would let him show it off he is damn sexy and the thought of him with some ink is sexier. Plus I would like to know what the tattoo is of and why he got it done.

    1. It's a scorpion for his sign. Scorpio.

  3. Kris was originally born in Canada he could have gotten it there....

    1. He wasn't born in Canada, just moved there at a certain age. He was born in China.

  4. From much research, I say that he could possibly have 3-4 tattoos. He has one both on his forearm (one you see in the picture above, it's a scorpion btw), another one is much smaller in size so he doesn't need to cover up as much, and one on his chest, and (rumor) one on the side of his ribcage.